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How you can help









There are many ways you can donate. Financially we are always desperate for funds and can accept your donations in several ways. CLICK HERE to find our how.


But you can also donate in other ways. To enable us to fundraise we are always looking for lovely prizes, whether it be a large one-off item, like a bike or iPad, or smaller items that would make lovely tombola prizes.. These items can be dropped off at our kennels in Lincolnshire or Nottinghamshire or one of our charity shops or drop off locations.

Charity shops


We have several charity shops.  Horncastle Lincolnshire, North Hykeham Lincoln, & Conigsborough Yorkshire and our latest one in Sheffield S8.


All shops need good quality items to sell. Clothing, jewellery, books, toys etc.

All the shops are ran by volunteers and usually require more volunteers to help man the shops.

CLICK HERE for more information

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Fundraising is vital to help pay for the running costs of the rescue to enable us to litrally save the dogs.

There are so many ways to fundraise from street collections, stalls at fetes or markets, street collections, bag backs, car washes, sponsored walks/swims/bike rides. carboots, raffles at work and so much more.

You can start your own events or join in with ones we have planned. Please email theteam@dogsos.co.uk with any fundraising to add to our website and advertise on our social media pages. CLICK HERE for fundraising dates.

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Help us reach the masses on social media sites and join our facebook pages & follow us on twitter. Just crossposting & retweeting our dogs needing homes and appeals is a great help. Click on the icons to join in.

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Volunteer at our kennel in Coningsby Lincolnshire. Help walk the dogs, clean out the kennels etc. The dogs love the attention and the write ups & photos from local volunteers help rehome the dogs.

All the kennels very much appreciate donations of bedding, towels, collars, treats and strong dog toys like kongs and naylor bones. Food is also much appreciated.

CLICK HERE for contact details for each kennel.


Some of our dogs have been with us a long time for different reasons. Like Gemma pictured left. She is nearly blind and although it doesnt matter to Gemma who leads a normal life , nobody seems to want to offer her a home.

Gemmas kennel costs £35 a week. She has been with us for 3 years.

If you would like to sponsor a kennel for a week for one of our long timers we can send you updates of the dog you are helping to look after. £35 a week, £140 a month , £1680 a year.  Please email theteam@dogsos.co.uk for a list of dogs you could sponsor.

Fostering can be very rewarding. Instead of just helping one or two dogs by rehoming, you can literally help hundreds.

When dogs have operations it better for them to go into a home enviroment to recuperate. Some dogs suffer terribly with kennel stress and we desperately need to get these dogs into foster car until a forever home can be found.

Some dogs are so old, it's just too confusing for them. They were probably a pet for years and to have to go into a kennel would destroy them.

CLICK HERE for more information on fostering.


Transporters are another vital part of our rescue.

We collect dogs from various pounds around the country and take to one of our kennels or other rescues to litrally save them. If you have a car/van you can help transport dogs please contact trudie.james@yahoo.co.uk


We also need local transporters to each kennel to help take dogs from the kennels on vet runs. Please CLICK HERE to contact the kennels to help.




Ink cartridges

Please send us your used stamps, we can accept stamps from

any country.

Maybe you can start a collection jar at home and your work

place, then when you have a small pile, pop them in an

envelope and send them to: It might seem a bit faffy tearing stamps off envelopes, but every stamps counts and the money we raise helps dogs in



please send stamps to :-


Doris Banham Stamp Appeal

Doris Banham Charity Shop

Eyam Way

North Hykeham, Lincoln LN6 8PG.


Please enclose an email address if you would like confirmation of receipt for your stamps 

Used Ink Cartridges


We can accept all models of ink cartridges except Brother or Epsom


Please send used old ink cartridges to :-


Doris Banham Ink Appeal

48 Village Street



DE23 8SZ

Ink-Cartridges stamps