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Foster carers are a key part to our charity


Fostering can be very rewarding. Instead of just helping one or two dogs by rehoming, you can literally help hundreds.


You can foster for how ever long you would like, but please make it VERY clear from the off set if you can only foster for a short time otherwise we would expect you to have the dog until a forever home can be found.

When dogs have operations it better for them to go into a home enviroment to recuperate. Some dogs suffer terribly with kennel stress and we desperately need to get these dogs into foster care until a forever home can be found.


Some dogs are so old, it's just too confusing for them. They were probably a pet for years and to have to go into a kennel would destroy them.


As the dogs are from the pound we have no background on them and won't know if they are ok with cats & children . So can place dogs into homes with children under 6 or cats. Only very occasionally do we get hand ins from previous homes and sometimes these dogs are ok with cats but on the whole we can't use foster homes with cats.


What you can expect from us


We assist with any medical bills, we can provide food, bedding, collar, lead, toys etc. But if you can provide these items that would be great. We never have spare funds.


We can transport the dog to you but if you can collect that would save our drivers who are needed to do the pound runs to get dogs out of danger.

We offer full back up but please read the following and consider if you really can help us & the dogs.


What we expect from a foster


Patience & understanding:


Some our the dogs may have been in kennels for a while and will act like little whirl winds once in a home, others may become withdrawn and disinterested.

Please be prepared for all situations. The dogs might have forgotten house training, might not walk well on a lead, might not be socialised with other humans/dogs etc. They might chew your furniture, the might dig holes in your lawn, they might not sleep well for a few days- all the things you might expect with rehoming a new dog. They will probably need to be taught alot of new rules or reminded of rules they had before going into kennels.

We can not guarantee what dogs are like in a home environment as act differently in kennels.


As we aim to rehome the dogs we will need potential new owners to be able to come and see the dog and need you to be able to assist with this.

We ask that you provide information on the dog to assist with rehoming and photo's if possible. We are very often asked if a dog is ok with cats, children, other dogs etc so this information is very useful and will help to rehome a dog a lot quicker.


Its no use to our rescue or the dog if you give up after just a few hours/days, their kennel space will have saved the life of another dog and we may have no-where to place the dog. Obviously if there is a huge problem we will have the dog back but can't always arrange transport immediately- so please consider all these things..


But if you feel you can help, THANK YOU!! you have just made a rewarding & fantastic decision- please fill in our online form

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