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Bertie has been with us for years.

There are thousands of dogs in rescue centres. The hardest to rehome are staffy crosses and black dogs. Poor Bertie is both so his chances of someone finding him are so slim. Its not his fault and if he'd just been abit more Labrador he would have been snapped up ages ago.

He's either too big, not lab enough, not staffy enough .... Bertie has no idea what any of these things mean. He just knows hes been stuck at the kennels since being found as a stray from the dog pound.

Once he had a loving home that cared for him and thought he was special. What happned we don't know but we saved his life and no we need YOU to save his future and offer him a loving home.


Bertie would love nothing more than to go home with you, he wants to show you how exciting life can be with him at your side.

And it goes without saying he loves his walks and treats.

This beautiful boy has so much love to give, all he needs is someone to share it with!


Please call Lorna 07496 191459 for more information

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