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Please note we are a stray dog rescue. We go into the dog pounds and take out dogs that would be left behind to die just to make more spaces for strays.


We really are these dogs last hope and there are lists of dogs every few days.

Because of this we are unable to help unwanted pets already in homes unless in extreme circumstances.


Some of the reasons people call for handing their dogs into rescue are heartbreaking and so unfair on the dog. If your work hours have changed and you feel you are not giving your dog enough time - please consider if being in a kennel 23 1/2 hours a day would be an improvement. Many dogs stay in rescue for a long time just due to shear amounts of dogs in rescue.

Please only contact us if it is a matter of life & death for your dog- there are many bigger rescues who will take pets in and don't take pound dogs.



Surrendering your dog.

Please read before contacting us.

Address for correspondence :-


Doris Banham Dog Rescue

Eyam Way,

North Hykeham,





Kennel Contacts :-


  • Retford kennels


  • Lorna 07984 143 253

To enquire about a particular dog please call the phone number in the dogs description, the volunteers answering generals emails will not know all the dogs personally and so won't be able to help with info on particular dogs.