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This book has been produced to raise funds for the Doris Banham Dog Rescue charity.


available in full colour £17.20

and black & white £7.85

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Sarah Fisher, TTouchTTeam &

Anthony Head, Actor and Singer

Maria Daines , Singer & songwriter

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Doris Banham is lucky enough to be donated 80% of the proceeds from the rental of this beautiful chalet in Winterton on Sea Norfolk. I have stayed here and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The atmosphere is so calming and grounding and you feel you have found yourself again. It is seaview and you can wander for miles on the sandy beach. There are many attractions nearby including Hemsby and Great Yarmouth with their fairground character but if you just want to chill the chalet, the dunes and the beach is all you will need. There is a seal colony further up the beach. Dogs are welcome. The chalet is available for booking from April to November. Please go to wintertonvalleyholidays.co.uk for more info about the site or ring Marion on 01493377175 telling her the booking is through Doris Banham Dog Rescue. Please let's get this fully booked for the sake of the desperate pound dogs. With the funds that this will raise we will be able to save so many pound dogs' lives. Have a beautiful holiday knowing you will save a beautiful life. Thank you from the dogs. Trudiexxx

Book a holiday and save a dog


Doris Banham Dog Rescue is proud and privileged to have been voted by the staff at QVC to be one of their nominated Charities for 2016.

Our first fund-raising event at their Chiswick studios was a tremendous success and we received a warm welcome and lots of support from the staff which was wonderful.

Thank you to everyone who helped at the event and to Julie who made it all run so smoothly. Thank you to the fanastic cake bakers particularly those amongst the QVC staff who produced such delicious cakes to sell. Thank you to Maria who produced such a large batch of professional decorated patisserie style cakes which looked and tasted wonderful. Thank you to Elizabeth for producing the beautiful hand made jewellery which was so popular..

Doris and Banham were star attractions. Thank you James and Rose from QVC. We are so sorry you got so hot but you did a great job.

We raised over £700 at the event (with another £150 in t shirt orders). The t shirts we produced for the event will soon be available on our facebook. 100% of the funds raisers will be spent on saving the lives and alleviating the suffering of long and abandoned stray dogs.

Thank you QVC from us all at Doris Banham and particularly from all the dogs who will live because of you xxx

Doris Banham Dog Rescue is proud and privileged to have been voted by the staff at QVC to be one of their nominated Charities for 2016.


Thank you so very much to everyone at Zooplus for the wonderful donation of food, bedding and equipment that you made to our Charity. It has brought great happiness to the dogs in the kennels. Every dog in our kennels has been rescued from certain death and it is really moving to watch them enjoy the fantastic food and comfy beds etc. The elderly dogs are already benefiting from the donated orthopaedic beds. Even Doris Dog made sure she didnt miss out! Here are pics of a selection of the items donated. Tucking into a bowl of nourishing food is our boy Lucky who was found starving and emaciated on an industrial estate. He had eaten plastic carrier bags in his desperation to find food. He is safe and well now and enjoying the benfits of the generosity of Zooplus.

Thank you Zooplus from us all at Doris Banham and especially from Lucky and all his doggy companions at the kennels xxx


THANK YOU ZOOPLUS http://www.zooplus.co.uk





The dogs at our kennels are particularly happy at the moment as they are all tucking into delicious and wholesome dinners of Lily's Kitchen dog food. All the dogs in our kennels have been rescued from death row when they had not been reclaimed by their owners or received any rescue offers and were due to die so it is particularly heart warming to see them enjoying such nutritious food as we rebuild their bodies and souls ready for their forever loving homes.

Thank you to Lily's Kitchen for helping them on their journey to find the loving homes they deserve. Here are a few of the dogs enjoying their dinner. From left to right: Luckie, Eric, Doris!, Roscoe and Spike xxx

Our May auction on Facebook.

If you have anything that you would be willing to donate please get in touch!  Any new/used good condition household items, clothes, smellies, jewellery, vouchers, pledges etc...All money raised goes to looking after the current dogs and enables us to help more! Thank you xxx...